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Wine List

Wines supplied by Charles Steevenson Wines Ltd, Tavistock, Devon.
Proprietor's Reserve
Chilean wines offer some of the best quality and value for money available in the UK wine market today. On this basis our wine merchant suggested we try them and we liked them so much we decided to give them this very important place in our list. They come from the long established Concha y Toro company which has reputation for producing wines of consistently high quality.
  Bin No.     Per bottle
France 1   Los Vilos Merlot, 2012, (B) £15.75
      Concha y Toro, Central Valley.  
      A mellow ripe and fruity red - made in an easy going style to please most tastes.  
France 2   Los Vilos Sauvignon Blanc, 2012, (2) £15.75
      Concha y Toro, Central Valley.  
      Typically Sauvignon in style, a refreshing dry white, fresh flavoured and crisp.  
France 3   Los Vilos Chardonnay, 2012, (3) £15.75
      Concha y Toro, Central Valley.  
      Full of attractive ripe tropical fruit flavours, mellow and medium dry.  
France 4   Finca el Picador, 2012, (2) £15.75
      Concha y Toro, Central Valley.  
      Enticingly pink, deliciously fruity and refreshingly crisp.  
Available by the glass at £3.75(125ml), £4.75(175ml), £6.75(250ml).
'New World' White Wines
  Bin No.     Per bottle
Argentina 5   Las Manitos Chardonnay - Torrontes, Mendoza, 2012, (2) £16.95
      Torrentes grapes give floral scents and a subtle sweetish fruit flavour which blend well with the familiar grapefruit and melon flavours of Chardonnay. Crisp and refreshing.  
S.Africa 6   Forge Mill 'Bush Vine' Chenin Blanc, Franschhoek, 2012, (3) £16.95
      Tropical fruit flavours in abundance here with lots of lemon and lime for crispness; fresh, easygoing and uncomplicated with nice length.  
Chile 8   Casa Silva Reserva Viognier, Colchagua Valley, 2011, (C) £23.95
      Pronounced V - on - E - A this grape gives wine with a light, apricotty, peachy scent perhaps with a whiff of orange blossom. Peachy on the palate with a good depth of flavour that melts into a finish of zesty acidity.  
N. Zealand 9   'Southern Dawn' Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 (1) £21.95
      Green tinged, tangy Sauvignon, with distinct gooseberry fruit overtones; made from grapes grown in the cool vineyards of Morton Estate in New Zealand's South Island.  
Australia 10   Sunnycliff Chardonnay, Wingara Estate, Victoria, 2011, (2) £19.75
      A fresh and appealing aroma of tropical fruit greets the senses. The first taste is lush and lively, reminiscent of peach and melon with a vanilla note from the wines brief oak ageing; a refreshing prickle of acidity tickles the tongue.  
Classic European White Wines
  Bin No.     Per bottle
Germany 11   'Astor' Riesling-Chardonnay, Phalz, (3) £16.95
      A modern German wine from the warm Phalz region of southern Germany where Chardonnay grow well. In this surprising wine its mellow tropical fruit flavours blend beautifully with the light and aromatic Riesling.  
Italy 12   É 100% Solo Pinot Grigio, Veneto, 2012, (1). £17.95
      By the glass - £3.95 per 125cl, £5.50 per 175cl, £7.75 per 250cl.  
      From the province of Veneto which stretches east from Venice to Lake Garda and north to the Alps. This lively, fresh tasting wine with floral and citrus notes is typical of Pinot Grigio as is the crisp lingering finish.  
Loire 13   Muscadet A.C., 'sur lie' , Clos de la Chapelle, 2012, (1) £19.50
      Undoubtedly Muscadet is the perfect wine to partner seafood. From Atlantic coastal it is a bright, breezy, wine with delicate fruit and crisp dry finish. After fermentation has finished the best wines are not filtered, but overwintered 'sur lie' for added flavour.  
Devon 14   Sharpham 'Dart Valley Reserve', Sharpham Estate, 2010, (2) £22.50
      An exceptional wine made from grapes grown on a picturesque and well sheltered bend of the river Dart. Light and fragrant in the German manner and gently fruity with a pleasantly dry finish.  
Spain 15   White Rioja 'Montelciego' Vendimia Seleccionada, 2012, (1) £18.95
      Yes, there is such a thing a white Rioja, it is made from native Viura grapes which give it a fresh and appealing aroma. Modern winemaking draws out the very best from this grape in a wine with hints of ripe orchard fruits and just a suggestion citrus.  
Burgundy 16   Chablis A.C., Domaine Brocard Jean-Marc, 2011, (1) £31.95
      Chablis is Chardonnay at it's most elegant, the flavour owes less to the grape and more to the soil in which they were grown. There is a mineral quality to the wine which combined with the crisp acidity makes this an uplifting wine drinking experience.  
Loire 17   Sancerre A.C., 'La Merisiere' Domaine Pabiot, 2011, (1) £31.95
      Will the popularity of Sancerre ever fade ? - it seems not. Balance is the secret of good Sancerre like this exceptional example - fruity flavours resembling green apples and gooseberries dominate and are complimented by a refreshing dash of tart acidity  
'New World' Red Wines
  Bin No.     Per bottle
Australia 18   Brookford Shiraz-Cabernet, 2012, (B) £17.95
      By the glass - £3.95 per 125cl, £5.50 per 175cl, £7.75 per 250cl.  
      Two grapes that delivery lashings of juicy fruit in an harmonious marriage; the sweetish blackcurranty Cabernet Sauvignon blends beautifully with peppery spice of Shiraz.  
Argentina 19   Kaiken Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza, 2010 (D) £20.95
      A beautifully made, dark violet coloured wine with concentrated plum and black cherry aromas. The wine has a refined and elegant texture with rich concentrated fruit flavours and ripe sweet tannins.  
S.Africa 20   Forge Mill Pinotage, Franchoek, 2011 (C) £19.95
      Unmistakeably Pinotage - deep ruby red, with full blown forest fruit flavours and with a whiff of cloves and tobacco. Lovely and rich with a touch of acidity making it very drinkable.  
N.Zealand 21   Moreton Estate 'White Label' Hawkes Bay Syrah, (D) £26.00
      A good balanced wine described by the winemaker as '' cracked black pepper and stewed plums'' add toasty vanilla from cask ageing and tannins released from the grapes during the pressing process and that just about says it all.  
Chile 22   Casa Silva Merlot Reserva, Colchagua Valley, 2011, (C) £22.50
      French Merlot vines thrive in Chile's benign climate and produce deeply flavoured wines with rich succulent fruit flavours, cask ageing give smoothness and adds toasty oak accents.  
Classic European Red Wines
  Bin No.     Per bottle
France 23   Malbec, Xavier Roger, 2011, (C) £17.50
      A rich red concentrated wine from Malbec vines grown close to the fairy tale city of Carcassonne. The wine smells of ripe hedgerow fruits and tastes of them too, it is full of flavour yet with soft and juicy tannins that linger on the palate.  
Spain 24   Rioja Marques de Caceres, Crianza, 2008 (C) £22.75
      Ripe fruit and sweet oak tannins harmoniously merge in this fine young Rioja, a wine recognised the world over as a symbol of consistent quality.  
Bordeaux 25   Château du Charron, Grand Vin de Bordeaux, 2010, (C) £23.50
      A light, modern Claret in very approachable style, made largely from Merlot grapes with a small amount of Cabernet Franc to create a smooth and supple wine with rich plummy fruit.  
Italy 26   É 100% Solo Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2011, (B) £18.50
      By the glass - £3.95 per 125cl, £5.50 per 175cl, £7.75 per 250cl.  
      A modern Italian charmer, deeply coloured with aromas and flavours of hedgerow fruits; delicate oak ageing compliments the juicy, jammy flavour of the wine through to it's lingering silky finish.  
Spain 27   Rioja Urbina 'Seleccion' , Rioja Alta, 1999 (C) £32.95
      Rioja as good a sit gets, made with premium grapes from vines up to 80 years old. Classic 'old style' Rioja, aged in oak casks into a smooth, elegant, delicately fruity wine of depth and complexity - a wine to savour.  
Beaujolais 28   Fleurie 'La Roilette' Domaine Metrat, 2010, (B) £32.95
      Fresh juicy flavours from one of the prettiest of the Cru Beaujolais. Lovely and broad on the palate with a persistent strawberry flavoured finish.  
Rosé Wines
  Bin No.     Per bottle
California 29a   'Route 66' Boulevard Blush, White Zinfandel, (3) £16.75
      White Zinfandel like this typically offers enticing floral aromas with suggestions of red fruits; flavours are juicy and refreshing with more than a hint of ripe strawberry.  
Germany 29b   Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rose, JL Wolf, Pfalz, (2) £22.95
      A very sophisticated and decidedly summery dry rose made by removing Pinot Noir juice from the skins soon after crushing; this gives a delicate salmon pink colour to a wine that leaves an impression of cherry, peach and strawberry in the mouth.  
Champagne & Sparkling Wines
  Bin No.     Per bottle
Spain 30   Cava 'Castell d'Olerdola' Brut Reserva, (2) £19.95
      Made by the traditional Champagne method of fermenting the wine for a second time in the bottle from which it is served to you. This wine gets 15 months cellaring (9 months is more usual) for smoothness and extra flavour. A yeasty bakery aroma leads on to round grapey flavours in the mouth and a refreshing explosion of bubbles.  
France 31   Champagne Beaumont des Crayères, Brut, N/V (1) £41.95
  32   Champagne Beaumont des Crayères, Brut, N/V (1) 1/2 bottle £24.95
      The creation of a small co-op of growers just outside Epernay - an artisan cellar without inflated advertising budgets, or Grande Prix pretensions - simply concentrating on what they know best turning out small quantities of hand crafted Champagne. Rich and toasty, effortlessly enjoyable.  
France 33   Champagne Beaumont des Crayères, 'Grand Reserve' Rosé, N/V (1) £44.95
      A luxurious treat, crushed strawberry aromas, persistent creamy bubbles and beguiling summer fruit flavours.  
Dessert Wine
  Bin No.     Per 1/2 bottle
France 34a   Loupiac A.C., Domaine du Noble, 2010, (8) £15.75
      Made in the Bordeaux village of Loupiac from very ripe late harvested Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle grapes that produce small quantities of extremely sweet juice; the wine which results has the smooth, honeyed style of neighbouring Sauternes.  
Chile 34b   Casa Silva Late Harvest Semillon-Gewurztraminer, 2011, (7) £14.75
      A sumptuous blend of the traditional Sauterne grape Semillon and the Alsace grape Gewurztraminer. Both make great dessert wines individually, but put together they create a luscious mouth filling wine with a delicate sweet spiciness.  
Half Bottles
White Wines
  Bin No.     Per 1/2 bottle
France 35   Chablis A.C., Pascal Bouchard, 2010, (1) £15.95
Chile 36   Montes Sauvignon Blanc, 2011, (1) £11.25
Germany 37   Dr Loosen Estate Riesling, Mosel,2008, (3) £12.50
Red Wines
Chile 38   Montes Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010, (C) £11.25
France 39   Beaujolais Villages A.C., Louis Jadot, 2009, (B) £14.50
Spain 40   Rioja Marques de Caceres, Tinto Crianza, 2008 (C) £12.50
Where vintages have changed we will usually offer a later one.
Taste Guides
These appear after the name of each wine and are intended as a guide to the relative dryness of white wines or the weight or 'body' of red wines. For example:-
White wines: Bin 17 Sancerre is (1) very dry, Bin 34 Loupiac is (8) very sweet.
Red wines: Bin 28 Fleurie is (B) light, Bin 19 Kaiken is (D) full bodied.